You’ve probably already seen the list of ridiculous gear, but now you can check it out yourself.

The list is called “the most Ridiculously Ridiculated Gear List,” and it features all the gear you could ever possibly need.

The first person to name all the items they own on the list is crowned the winner.

The winner is none other than Seth Meyers, who made the list for his incredible collection of leather tote bags.

You can read more about Meyers gear here.

This list is pretty ridiculous.

For starters, it’s filled with everything from camping equipment to motorcycle boots.

If you’re looking for a pair of high-tech camping boots, look no further than this one from the brand new Nike Vapor Trails.

For all of the gear on the gear list, it lists a whopping $3,716 in shipping costs.

And that’s just for the gear listed on the Gear List.

The items on the listing have a whopping price tag of $4,936.

So if you’re spending more than $4K on your gear, you might want to be prepared to put a little extra money into it.