The next time you’re grocery shopping, look for reusable bags that are recyclable, easy to clean and can be reused again and again.

Here are the 10 best options.


The Hanger-on reusable bags: This is the best reusable bag option.

It’s a little larger than your usual disposable bag and it can be placed in the car or in a car wash.

It comes in two sizes, so you can choose which one you want.

Hanger on is the one that comes in a plastic bag and is usually a larger size than disposable bags.

It costs $12 to get a full size bag.

The reusable bag is also more durable, and is more resistant to the elements.


The Tote-On reusable bags- This is one of the most popular and most convenient bags on the market.

It has two sizes and can fit in your purse, car trunk, bag or in your backpack.

It weighs about 1 pound and it comes in three colors: black, yellow and green.


The ZipTrip reusable bags from Dollar Tree: ZipTrips are available at most grocery stores and grocery outlets.

They come in three sizes: small, medium and large.

You can choose from two colors, green and red.

They cost about $12 for a small and about $25 for a medium.

The smaller size is ideal for small children, and the larger one for larger ones.


The Basket Lighter reusable bags for kids: These reusable bags are made from a lightweight material called paper that is very thin and has a lot of room to store things.

They have an adhesive on them so you don’t need to peel off the paper if you drop it.

The small size is perfect for children who need a lighter, less bulky bag.


The Recycle Bin reusable bags with reusable foam: These bags have a removable foam layer and they are easy to wash and reuse.

They weigh about one pound, and are made out of a plastic material.

You don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or getting damaged, since the foam layer is reusable.

The foam layer comes in different colors.


The Pint Glass reusable bags by Dollar Tree- The glass containers made of a translucent plastic will look beautiful on your kitchen counter, table or counter.

The plastic makes them look like glass.

The glass bottles are also reusable.

They are about one ounce and are priced at $6.

These reusable glass bottles come in two colors: white and blue.


The Glass Recycling Bag reusable bags (from Walmart): These reusable plastic bags have an ink-based ink that you can wash in the sink or on a dishwasher.

They’re also recyclably reusable.

This plastic bag comes in one size, and it weighs about three ounces.

They can also be purchased in two flavors: white, blue and green, and they cost about the same as a regular reusable bag.


The Bag Lighter-Pint Glass disposable bag: This disposable bag comes with an ink that is waterproof and easy to wipe off if it gets wet.

It is made out for kids who want a lighter but also more sturdy bag.


The Lighter Recycled Paper reusable bags ($20 each): These plastic reusable bags come with a waterproof ink that will dry out and can also wash away if it’s wet.

They also come in a variety of colors.

These plastic bags are also recycling and can take up to 10 years to recycle.


The Ziploc reusable bags you can buy at Amazon: These plastic containers come in various sizes and are reusable, too.

They’ve got a removable layer that can be folded over the top to make a smaller reusable bag, and this is one size smaller than a regular plastic bag.

Amazon is the leader in selling reusable bags.