The Aussie women’s team won their second gold medal of the Games in the women’s 100m final on Thursday, defeating the defending champion Germany.

The women finished ahead of the world champion U.S. in the men’s 100 metres final.

It was the first medal for Australia since 2009, when they won gold in the 5,000m.

Australian coach and Olympic champion Lisa Auld-Jones said the team’s performance in the finals was a big boost for the nation.

“It is an incredibly proud moment for the team.

It is an honour to represent Australia in Rio, and this medal gives us another win in the Rio Olympics, and I’m looking forward to what we will do in the Games,” Auld Jones said.

The Australian team also finished third in the overall competition.

In a race that saw the men and women compete in a race on a track, the Aussie team went down to a sprint for the first time in a Games since 1984, when the men went down in the final of the men-only event.

They had a tough day, with the race ending up being a sprint race with just two men on the course.

“I don’t think we would have made it, to be honest, if we weren’t confident, which we weren [in the final],” Australian coach Lisa Aylward said.

“We were all feeling pretty confident that we were going to get through the whole race.”

We had a really good performance today, and it’s just an incredible feeling to get a medal,” she said.”

For a while in the sprints, we had the lead out in the closing stages.

We had a lot of speed, but it was just about keeping that lead until the last second.