Kelly Bagel has finally arrived at her dream of being a full-time mom with her first baby.

The New York City-based pop star has taken to Instagram to show off the first bags she’s ever purchased, featuring her favorite food, accessories, and her two cats, Bella and Dora.

“It’s the best baby bag ever,” Kelly said in the video.

“I want one of these bags for every day I’m around my kids.”

The designer also shared her dream to bring more baby food into the home.

“So if you’re one of the moms who loves to bake and eat and love to have kids, I think it’s a perfect fit,” she said.

“We’re going to start a food revolution.”

Kelly Bageled and her daughter Bella.

Photo by Shannon Coulter.

Kelly has been busy, but not completely alone.

Kelly’s husband, John Bagels III, also recently announced his plans to open his own grocery store in New York.

The grocery store, named The Baby Shop, will open in late 2019 and has plans to expand to other New York cities.