Gucci is taking Halloween seriously, with the latest in its new Halloween collection, the Crossbody Bag, available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Available at Gucci stores and online, the collection features Gucci’s signature black crossbody bags, which can be ordered in sizes from a small to a medium.

Available at select Gucci retailers, the bags are available in two colours: black or navy, with a range of different options to choose from.

The Crossbody bag is the latest addition to Gucci ‘s upcoming crossbody collection.

In February, Gucci announced a new line of crossbody and hoodie collections, which includes the new Crossbody Collection 2.

Available in men and women, the crossbody collections are available from select Guccis stores and at

The Crossbody collection is also available at Gucca stores and on the Gucci website.

The crossbody is a stylish way to represent your Gucci style, and will certainly fit in with Gucci themes such as high heels, high trousers and high collared shirts.

The collection includes a hoodie, a pair of jeans and a pair, plus Gucci shoes.

Available in men, women and boys, the hoodie features a black leather jacket with black leather detailing and a black mesh collar, while the jeans are black with a mesh front.

Gucci’s new CrossBody Collection 2 is available in sizes small to medium, and comes in men or women.

The hoodie has a black hood and mesh collar and comes with black shoes.

The Gucci Crossbody bags will be available from May 1.