Posted August 29, 2019 09:14:23Tennis bags are a big trend right now.

A few weeks ago, we saw a $40 million tennis bag and a $60m golf bag from the same brand.

But this summer, a $70m tennis bag became available for purchase.

That’s a pretty big jump from the $40m tennis and golf bags that came out last year.

A lot of people, particularly people that play the game, have been wanting a big tennis bag for a while, and that’s a trend we’re going to see a lot more of.

There are a few reasons for this, according to Marc LeBrun, founder of LeBold, the luxury sports brand that owns the NBA and MLB, the NFL, the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, and the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams.

He told Business Insider in an interview that the trend started with the NBA players who took to the court and the high demand for high-end tennis bags.

LeBruns has owned the NBA for 20 years, and he knows that demand for tennis bags is high.

He said he noticed a trend in the first quarter of 2019.

It’s really hard to get tennis bags now, because of the increased availability of high-tech tennis courts and the increase in people playing sports.

He noted that the NBA is the only major professional sport league that doesn’t have an official shop that can ship tennis bags to stores.

He also noted that tennis bags are not as popular as they used to be.

He said there’s been a lot of demand from tennis players, but they have a lot to work with.

The demand for new tennis bags has been higher than the demand for the original ones.

LeBrun said that the majority of tennis players have become more affluent since the advent of the Internet, and they also see a difference in how the sport is being marketed.

He cited the popularity of Nike tennis bags and the NBA as two examples.

“A lot more people are buying tennis shoes, because they’re so much more affordable,” he said.

“A lot less people are trying to buy tennis shoes and buy tennis bags because they feel the need for a more premium look, but it’s not as much a necessity for the average player anymore.”

We’re seeing the trend for new and improved tennis bags.

“In addition to a tennis bag, LeBrunner said that tennis players are increasingly opting to use other types of clothing.

For instance, he noted that while people have been wearing their tennis shoes in a tennis uniform for years, they have also been wearing other clothing, such as a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket.

He also said that he is seeing a lot less of the tennis player in his office wearing a suit, as many people prefer to wear casual clothing.”

While tennis is still a popular sport, LeBarrun said he thinks that there will be a lot fewer tennis players playing in the near future. “

I’ve been to two different tennis tournaments, and I can see people in their suits, in their sweatshirts, or in their jackets.”

While tennis is still a popular sport, LeBarrun said he thinks that there will be a lot fewer tennis players playing in the near future.

“The sport is in decline,” he noted.

“It’s not a major sport anymore, it’s a hobby.”

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