Apple is giving Apple Watch users the ability to charge their iPhone or iPad through a small, rechargeable battery pack, and a MicroUSB charger for $249.99.

Apple’s new accessory, known as the Apple Watch Charger, was announced in May as a way to give Apple Watch owners an alternative to charging their devices with their iPhones and iPads.

The accessory was announced during Apple’s WWDC keynote and is available for $149.99 on Amazon.

The $249 price tag makes the AppleWatch charger the best price for the Apple device currently available, and it comes with 2.4-watt microUSB power that can be used to charge a single Apple Watch (either for a single charge or for both a single and a dual charge).

Apple has not yet said whether the accessory will be available for other models of the Apple Watches.

Apple Watch battery life The Apple Watch has been one of the most reliable and reliable devices to date, with the company saying that its battery life has been “up to 3x longer than other smartwatches.”

The AppleWatch is expected to be released this fall with a larger battery that will be able to last longer than the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, which have a 6.9-ounce battery.

Apple Watch battery lasts up to 3X longer than iPhone 6 and 6 Plus batteryApple has been a bit slow to announce the new Apple Watch charger, and its launch hasn’t been as big as other products like the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

The Apple watch, however, is expected in the fall with the larger Apple Watch charging battery that should last a longer time than the larger iPhone 6.

The new AppleWatch charging battery will cost $199 at Amazon, which is $49 less than the $249 Apple Watch adapter will cost at Amazon.

The adapter is expected for release this fall, but Apple hasn’t revealed pricing or availability details for it.

AppleWatch battery life is up to 10x better than the AppleiPhone6 and iPhone6 PlusApple Watch charging adapterApple Watch Charging Battery with Apple WatchCharging Battery 2.6-wattsApple Watch Battery Life: 10x BetterApple Watch charger with AppleWatchCharge 2.8-wATTApple Watch Watch Charged Battery: 2.7-wATenix, a company that makes accessories for Apple devices, has released a charger that can charge an Apple Watch and iPad in a few minutes.

The new AppleChargingAdapter is available at Amazon for $49.99 and is a USB-C charger that has a 2.5-watter battery.

The charger uses Apple’s own Lightning cable that plugs into the Apple watch’s connector, and you can connect it to a USB 3.0 port on the Apple iPad.

The Apple charger is compatible with Apple Watched devices like the iPhone6 and iPad, as well as Apple’s newest models, including the Apple Pro iPhone 6s, Apple Pro MacBook Pro and Apple Pro Retina.