A simple tool that lets you punch bags to see how much they weigh.

Kavuu is available in two different sizes: The regular sized punch bag weighs 4.5kg, and the heavy one weighs 12kg.

Both the large and small versions are available for rent at various online retailers.

The punch bag’s dimensions: 4.75 x 6 x 3 cm (1.6 x 2 x 0.9 inches)The punchbag’s weight: 4kg (12lbs)The punching bag’s design: Two metal plates, with a slot for the punch bag to fit in.

The punch bag itself weighs 8.7kg (23lbs).

The punch Bag has two buttons: The left button releases the punch Bag, while the right button allows you to punch through the bag.

The left-most button is to punch thru the bag; the right-most buttons is to release the bag to move it.

The punching Bag has a detachable cord that fits over the punch handle.

The cord can be removed to allow you to take a bag with you.

The Punch Bag also has an elastic band that fits snugly around the punch hole and allows you grab it when you’re punching.

The punched bag comes with a couple of things: A cord that plugs into the punch holes, a punch bag and a cord that can be detached to allow the punchbag to be held securely in place.

There are no additional features to the punchbags; it’s just a simple utility to punch bags.