Indian golffinger Dhananjay Kulkarni died in a crash in south-eastern India, officials said on Friday, the third fatality in the world championship since the tournament began.

Kulkarnis son, Pankaj, died in the crash.

Pankaj Kulkar, his father and a number of other relatives were on a flight to India to attend the opening ceremony of the championship.

India’s golfer and tennis player Pankaji Kulkare died of his injuries in November.

In a statement, the state-run India Sports Ministry said the plane crashed in a mountainous region of Gondi district.

“The deceased had just left a golf cart, which was transporting him to the tournament venue.

The accident took place on the road from Gondia to the venue, and the aircraft sustained damage,” the statement said.

Panksay, whose wife Anusha was in the car with him, was also injured in the accident.

He was among the 10 people injured in Friday’s accident.

Kulhiram Pankar, the director of the Gondian Sports Centre, confirmed the crash, adding that the bodies of the deceased were being transported to hospital.

The crash took place around 8.30am (0430 GMT), said Gondic police spokesman Sushil Prakash.

The driver of the plane, Pramod Kumar, is in critical condition.

The aircraft had been flying for about three hours, Prakish said.

In March, seven people died when a plane carrying Indian players crashed on a mountain in central India, killing four.

The death toll in the Indian team’s first-round clash with Switzerland has now risen to 14.

The loss of three members of the team for the next round will force the team to re-evaluate its schedule.