The Senate on Monday approved legislation to provide Afghanistan with “bags and loads” in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

The bill also calls for the establishment of a new, independent security body to oversee Afghanistan’s security.

“The new Afghan government will have the responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens and to ensure that Afghanistan is protected from the dangerous elements of the world,” Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said during the vote.

“It will have to work closely with the U.N. and with the other nations who are fighting alongside us to ensure Afghanistan is a secure and safe country.”

Collins and other Democrats voted in favor of the bill, with most Republicans voting against.

A companion measure was passed by the House of Representatives in December.

The Senate also approved a separate bill in May that would provide $1.9 billion for Afghanistan’s $400 million National Guard.

The Army, Navy and Air Force will each receive $1 billion for the purpose of the Guard.

“These funds will support the Afghan National Guard to provide the Afghan military with the equipment and training needed to address the threat posed by the Taliban and other armed groups in Afghanistan,” Collins said.

“I applaud the leadership of the Senate and the House for their swift action to support our nation’s first responders, the Afghan people, and their families in this critical time.”