When a bottle of milk costs $1.50, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay extra.

You can also use a grocery store’s milk cartons to buy bulk milk and buy extra items for a grocery cart, such as fruit and vegetable.

However, you may need to pay more for bulk milk.

Here’s how to decide if you’re buying bulk milk or a bulk carton.

A grocery store has two options when it comes to bulk milk purchases: You can buy bulk, which comes in the form of a carton, or you can buy a grocery bagged dairy product.

If you buy bulk or a grocery pack, you’ll have a milk carton with milk and milk products inside, and you’ll be able to pick up a cartons and milk items in the grocery store, according to the National Dairy Council.

A bagged bag of milk or milk cart is one that’s just a few inches wide and one or two inches long, according the NDC.

This type of milk is used for cooking, yogurt making, ice cream, or other purposes.

You’ll need a grocery grocery bag or a bag of cereal to make a grocery meal, but you’ll still be able pick up your milk, juice, or ice cream in the store.

In order to purchase bulk milk, you need to get a grocery order and have a receipt for it, according a USDA Nutrition Facts section on bulk milk pricing.

If your order comes in a grocery package, it’ll usually cost less than $1 for the carton you purchase, according NDC Dairy.