The water in an old plastic garbage bag, paper bag, trash bag or money bag has leaked into the river, and that water has been dumping into Lake Ontario.

The water has turned the river’s surface dark green and the water level is rising.

The water level has reached an average of about 2 feet per hour in several spots in the river.

That’s about what the lake has seen since mid-August.

It was at about 2.3 feet an hour Monday, according to the lake’s website.

Lake Ontario is at the highest water level in decades.

The lake is at its lowest in nearly a century, when the water peaked in 2003.

The state is at a low of 2.4 feet a year.

The lake is the largest in the world and one of the world’s most polluted.

The Ontario government says it will work with the federal government to improve the water quality in the lake.