Month: September 2021

How to use a Go Bag for the first time

How to get started with Go Bag shopping.It’s the ultimate travel bag for everyday carry-on.We have it all, with everything from a wallet and passport to a keychain, a laptop, and a laptop charger.You’ll find everything you need to stay on your feet, including a laptop computer, tablet, camera, headphones, a charger, and more.You also […]

How to handle a heavy bag on the ice

Marc J. Robbins / NHL.comThe NHL’s annual Winter Classic is one of the largest and most successful sporting events in the world.The game has been in the spotlight in the United States since the beginning of this year, as the NHL announced the expansion of the event to the Winter Classic for the first time […]

How to find your perfect bag in your life

In my quest for perfect gear, I’ve always struggled with figuring out which products are best for my lifestyle and which ones I can find on sale.But a recent study by the National Geographic Society showed that a few common-sense guidelines can help you find the perfect bag for you.Here’s how to find the right […]

Bicyclist killed after being hit by car

Bike bags have been banned from the streets of London after a cyclist was killed by a car.More than 2,500 cyclists have been killed in the capital in the past five years, according to figures from the London Cycling Campaign.But the new regulations, which come into force in January, have been hailed by the group […]

When the punch-bowl goes up

When Chloe and her friend are about to go to the punch bowl for the first time, Chloe is worried that the woman in front of them won’t be there.“She’s a little bit intimidated, and I feel a bit awkward,” Chloe told Al Jazeera.The women go through the motions, she said, and the man in […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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