The balencois bagged bagged by Brazilian giant Adidas has been dubbed the “saddlebag” by some after being displayed at a golf event in Spain.

The bag, which was spotted by golfer Diego Rubio at the 2015 Ryder Cup, is described by its maker as “the biggest, heaviest and strongest of its kind”.

The bag was displayed at the golf event by the Balenco Group, a global luxury goods and design firm, where the bag was bought.

“It’s so heavy and heavy and strong and it’s made out of real leather and it is very heavy,” Mr Rubio told ABC Radio.

“We can’t get any pictures of it because it’s so big and heavy.”

But when we were at the event, it was amazing how it was packed, because we have to move the bag and then we have the luggage and then it’s just like a bunch of sand in the sun.

It’s definitely something that you can’t put your finger on.””

I’ve never seen something like it before, that big and strong.

It’s definitely something that you can’t put your finger on.”

The bag is the second of its size and weight to be displayed at an event, with the first being the bag featured in a 2013 edition of the BBC’s The Great British Bake Off.

Mr Rubio said the bag, “is something that makes us proud, it’s the biggest bag of its type that I have ever seen”.

“I think it’s a big achievement that they’ve managed to make it even bigger than it is,” he said.

“The bag itself is the most powerful bag of it’s kind that I’ve ever heard of, but the other two are definitely even more powerful.”

Mr Rubio says he hopes the bag will help other golfers make a name for themselves.

“I really hope that this will help a lot of other golf players, and people who have not even seen a Balen Cois bag, I think this is a big thing for them to look at and hopefully get a look at,” he added.

“You can be a professional golfer, and if you want to have a career in the sport you need to have the best gear, you need the best equipment, you have to be well trained and you have the right equipment.”