It was an amazing show that was broadcast on ESPN’s Cric TV network, and I had the pleasure of interviewing the Australian batsman of the year, Chris Gayle, and the South Africa batsman, Makhaya Makhawati.

I got the chance to ask them some questions about their careers, and their thoughts on the upcoming Ashes series.

Gayle said he was surprised by how many people he has spoken to in the last few months, with fans and friends asking for autographs, autographs for his daughters, and more.

Gayles reaction to the new Australian Ashes series: “It was great.

I mean, the last two series have been really good, I mean it’s been really hard.

But it’s going to be a great series, I know that.

We’re going to do everything we can to try and get the first one over the line and win it. “

We’ve got to get through the first three innings and be ready for the second innings.

I think that’s what people will be looking forward to.””

But I can’t wait to see how the series plays out.

I think that’s what people will be looking forward to.”

I think the players, the coaches and the whole staff have been working really hard, they’ve been training hard, we’ve been working on getting our team ready and they’ve done a really good job.

Makhawat said that he was really happy with how the team played against Australia. “

The players have done a great job of preparing for the series and the team has done a good job of pushing the players and the coaching staff to do a good enough job to win it.”

Makhawat said that he was really happy with how the team played against Australia.

He said that the pressure of winning the series had been great.

“You know, I think it was really good for the team, it’s really good to see that there is such a lot pressure on the team.

We really need to work hard to get out of this group of players, and you know, they have a lot to prove and I’m sure they will do a great season, I’m confident they will,” he said.”

It’s always nice to see you guys out there in the nets.

You know, we haven’t been here for so long, we have been through so much, but I’m really looking forward for the next series.”

Cricketer Chris Gayles and the Australian cricket team celebrate their win over Australia in Adelaide in 2012.

Makhayati said he had been thinking about the Ashes series for the last couple of weeks, and that he would do everything he could to get a good result.

“Well, I don’t know how long we can wait to be in the same spot and we’ve got a good team in the team,” he added.

“We’ve just gotta keep working hard, keep pushing and keep going.

We’ll just see how it goes.”