The Kavuma Health Care System is offering a $4.00 discount for the next year to its customers who have a medical condition that requires a Medkit.

Kavuma’s Kavua Health Care website says customers can now purchase a MedKit for a one-year subscription to their health plan, and they can also choose a Med-Kit for the purchase of a second MedKit after one year.

The website also states that if the customer’s condition does not change in the year, they can cancel their MedKit payment.

If you’re in the market for a new medical device, the Kavaua website says that your MedKit can be delivered to your home and car, or your doctor’s office.

The MedKit will also be included in the insurance premiums for all of the Med-kit patients who use MedKit services.

This is the second year that Kavuea Health Care has offered a discount on MedKit, with the company offering a 20% discount on its Medkit service from last year.

The new Medkit program will be available starting on Sept. 1.

The program will last until Nov. 30, 2019, at which time customers will have to pay the full cost of the medkit.

The Kavumas website states that the KAVUA Health Care system will be offering the discount in the Kavanau and Kavulu regions.

The system offers a variety of health benefits, including a free emergency kit, and it offers free vaccinations, prescription medications, health screenings and prescription and outpatient care.

Kavanawas Health Care says it will also offer free preventive services like mammograms and HPV testing.