By Jennifer Hale | November 13, 2016 10:17amThe box art is gorgeous, and the packaging looks very much like an Obi-Wan Kenobi package.

But the one thing I’m missing is a star ship.

Is there a reason this isn’t included in the box art?

I don’t think there is, and I’m sure if I tried to look at it myself I’d see it on the back.

The only reason I don.t know is that the star ship is the only item not featured in the packaging.

The packaging is supposed to show us the ship and, of course, the star, but the only ship that shows up in the film is the Millennium Falcon.

The Falcon is a beautiful piece of craft, with a massive landing gear.

But its a very fragile, very slow ship, and it doesn’t have a cockpit.

So what are we going to get in the Star Wars baby box?

A Star Destroyer, probably.

That would make the box even better, and there is no reason to not include it.

I’m not a big fan of the Star Destroyer.

It’s an awful ship, it’s a terrible ship, but it’s not Star Wars.

The Star Destroyer is a horrible ship, a terrible spaceship, and a bad ship.

There is no need to include it, and even if you did, you would be missing out on one of the most important and iconic elements of Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back.

I could make a case for the Millennium Hammer.

I could make the argument that the Millennium Fortress is an important part of the story, and that’s the reason that it’s been included in all the Star Trek Star Trek episodes.

But what about the Millennium Bridge?

It’s not in the movie, so it has nothing to do with the story.

It could be an interesting piece of artwork that was commissioned by the makers of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and was commissioned as a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show.

Or it could just be a simple placeholder.

I think this box is going to be a great idea for a Star Trek baby box, but I think the Star Bridge should be included as well. 

There is one small problem: I think it’s possible to make a Star Destroyer that would look like a Star Destroyers landing gear from the movie.

But that is beyond the scope of this article, so let’s talk about how we would do it.

The first thing we would need is a small craft that looks like the Millennium Star Destroyer from the movies.

A small, sleek craft that would fit on a standard plastic baby box. 

Here’s how I would do this: I would first take out the plastic from the baby box and wrap it in cardboard.

Then I would wrap the plastic in foil, and then I would attach a sheet of foil to the end of the foil.

This way, the foil would cover the Star Destroyer’s landing gear, and make the craft look like the kind of ship that Star Wars would be based on.

I would then cut the foil and put it in a plastic bag, leaving the end open. 

I should note that there are a few ways to make this happen.

If you have a small child, you could wrap a few pieces of paper and glue it to the back of the ship.

If your baby is a toddler, you can wrap a sheet with some adhesive tape around the end, and you could attach it to a piece of cardboard with some duct tape.

You could also use a plastic tube with some glue to attach a plastic baby to the outside of the box, which would make it look like it was on the ground.

I hope that this is something you do with your baby’s own hands.

I also think that this could work well with a larger-than-average baby, like a 2-year-old or older.

You can make the baby ship look like something a little larger than your own head, with the foil covering the top, then glue the foil over the top and make it into a ship. 

But this is an incredibly small ship, so I’d really rather not do it this way.

Instead, I would put the craft in a little plastic bin and attach it directly to the front of the baby, and leave the front open.

Then the craft would sit on a table, and attach the foil to it. 

It’s a little more complicated, but you can do it, too. 

If you’re doing it with a small baby, you may not want to glue the whole thing together, but if you’re trying to do this with a large baby, it can be done.

You would just need to take out a few plastic pieces that are big enough to hold the ship, then add a small plastic object that you can then wrap in a piece or two of foil. 

Then you could place the foil on the front