The show’s second season, titled Neverfull Bag, features two bag bags that will be available for purchase as part of Neverfull’s Season 2 event.

These bags are both crafted by Neverfull employee, the bag maker, Chanel Boy.

The bag maker will also be providing exclusive access to Neverfull merchandise during the event.

Both bag bags will include the Neverfull logo on the front and will be packaged in a special box.

A new Neverfull bag is also set to launch in 2018, with more bags and merchandise to be announced in the future.

A new Neverful bag will be launching in 2018.

A photo posted by Chana Boy (@chanaboy) on Nov 4, 2018 at 12:11pm PSTA new bag will also launch in 2019, with another new NeverFull themed bag in 2020.

A photo posted on Twitter by Neverful Entertainment (@neverfull_) on Oct 5, 2018 9:42am PDTChana Boy said the bag makers team was able to come up with a design that’s both “cool” and “socially acceptable” for the new Neverfans to enjoy, as well as for Neverfull to make a statement.

The Neverfull team is also looking to continue to expand their Neverfains line in 2019.

Neverfull will also debut its own line of Everfull apparel in 2019 as well, with the first Everfull line coming in 2021.

The Everfull brand will be expanding the Neverfain line to include more Everfull-branded accessories and apparel.