Nut milk bag prices have jumped to their highest level since January 2017, with the average bag being £2.75 more than its closest rival, Nutella.

In February, an almond milk cost £3.50. 

The biggest price jump in the past two months has been on almond milk packets, which rose from £2 to £3 and are now available at £3 on Amazon.

Almond milk packets were up by 2% on February.

The most expensive brand is the Cadbury Almond Milk, which costs £4.25 and is available on Amazon, while the cheapest is a Nestlé Nestle Almond Milk packet, which is £2 on Amazon and Tesco.

The prices of almond milk packet and Nestlé’s Nestlé Almond Nestle package have increased by 3.2% each on Amazon since the start of the year, while prices of other brands have decreased. 

It’s the third month in a row that almonds have been in the news, after the Bristol City Council announced plans to phase out the sale of almonds and other nut milks in the capital, following a major surge in demand.