The smell-proof bags sold on eBay this week were advertised as being able to smell up to three feet of smoke, but it turned out they were sold with only a single layer of fabric.

The bag was advertised as smelling “smells like smoke” with no instructions on how to use it, according to a seller who sold it on eBay.

When the seller called back to confirm the authenticity of the product, she was told by an agent that she could buy the bag for $250.

The seller said she immediately called the company that sold the bag and asked for a refund.

She was told she would have to wait until she had received the bag, and that it would be “sold out.”

In the meantime, she called a number she could hear and heard a female voice saying, “I can smell smoke.”

The seller later called back and said she had to wait another day to receive the bag.

She also contacted eBay and the seller was given a refund, which she used to buy a new one.

In an email, a spokeswoman for the company said, “We will be in touch with you to help you with your situation.

Unfortunately, the smell of smoke is not something we can help with at this time.”

According to the seller, she will now be trying to sell the bag again.

“The smell of smoking is really strong,” she said.