The best fashion for the big game can be found in your bag.

With this week’s big-game attire and what to wear in the stadium, here are some ideas to get the party started.


A headband for your eyes The best way to go to the game is to wear a hat and a headband, which is why we are wearing this pair of sunglasses to get us noticed.


A scarf for the eyes This scarf is great for when you’re out in the crowd and it’s not dark.

The downside is that it can be a bit bulky, but it looks great when you wear it in the dark.


A t-shirt This t-shirts are great for showing off your cleavage or hair.


A pair of pants This pair of jeans are perfect for when the weather’s nice.


A necklace This is an easy way to make yourself feel more special.

Make it a necklace that has a rose on one end and a diamond on the other, or a diamond that’s half diamond and half rose.


A hat A hat is a great way to show your allegiance to the team or your team’s logo.

This is the perfect outfit for the Giants game against the Vikings.


A cap This is a perfect piece of gear for when everyone’s wearing hats and hats are the perfect accessory for any football fan.


A baseball cap If you’re going to the stadium to see the Giants play, this is a hat to keep the temperature down.


A sweatshirt This is great to wear to the grocery store and to work if you’re not in the mood for the cold weather.


A T-shirt If you want to keep your attire from getting too heavy, wear this t-, which features the Giants logo on one side and a star on the opposite.


A tank Top is another great way for you to look good in the game.


A tie This is perfect for wearing to the beach or to a bar when the temperature drops.


A long sleeve tee This tee features the logo of your favorite team on one sleeve and the team’s mascot on the back.


A sleeveless shirt This is another way to keep you warm during the cold.


A sweater The right sweater can add a touch of style to any outfit.


A clutch bag This is probably the best way for people to grab a snack and drink beer while at the stadium.


A bag for a phone This is also an ideal way to get things out of your bag for the trip home.


A towel Another way to bring things with you during the game and when you get home is to bring a towel, which can help keep the weather cooler and the weather cool.


A coat This coat will keep your coat warm and your hair from getting wet.


A mohair hat This hat can be worn for when it’s hot outside and cold outside.


A purse This purse can be used for things like cash, or to hold a cellphone or other important items.


A wallet This wallet can be good for storing your wallet or your credit cards.


A jacket This jacket can be made for the team, the game, or when you want a more casual look.


A poncho A pom pom can be great for adding a little more color to a typical outfit.


A rain jacket A rain coat can be perfect for a rainy day or for when your favorite band is playing.


A fleece jacket If you plan on going out with your best friends, it’s a great option for them to wear.


A shirt This shirt will look great on anyone.


A hoodie This hoodie can add another layer of style and comfort to your look.


A blazer This blazer is a versatile piece of clothing that can add style and style to your wardrobe.


A pantsuit A pants suit is perfect when you just want to get out of the house for a while and can add some style to the rest of your outfit.


A polo shirt A polos can be versatile and fun to wear with your favorite sport outfit.


A skirt This skirt will add style to most of your outfits.


A pullover This pullover is a simple yet beautiful way to add some extra style to whatever you’re wearing.


A jersey A jersey is another nice way to look smart at a football game.


A sweatpants This is one of the best ways to wear your favorite pair of sweatpants for a cold weather day.


A backpack A backpack is a nice way for your phone to stay warm while you’re at the game or the beach.


A sunglasses This is just a fun way to try something new at the store.


A water bottle A water can add something fun to a big-time game.