New York City is spending $100 billion on women’s care, according to a group of health and wellness advocates.

In the next four years, the city will spend $1.1 billion on a wide range of programs, including new programs designed to empower women to participate more fully in health care, and a $1 billion Women’s Health Initiative that aims to provide more women with access to high-quality health care services.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city’s Women’s Centers Council said in a joint statement Tuesday that the City’s $100-billion commitment is an example of the city continuing to grow and evolve as a leader in women’s and girls’ health care.

“We will be able to continue to invest in our hospitals, clinics, clinics for women, and our support for our hospitals and clinics, in the face of new health challenges that women and girls are facing,” the statement read.

This is the latest in a long line of initiatives from the Mayor’s Office of the Mayor to support women and children.

De Blasio made his commitment to women’s wellness a centerpiece of his mayoral campaign in 2015, saying he wanted to make sure that all New Yorkers had access to the most effective health care options, including vaccines and treatments.

The Women’s Center Council said the city should invest in more women’s clinics and clinics for girls, who will be at greater risk for cervical cancer, sexually transmitted infections, and other health issues.

We also support the Women’s Investment Initiative and the City of New York’s Women in Medicine initiative, which seeks to empower New Yorkers to get the most out of their health care dollars, the council said.

The City Council, along with the New York State Council and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, will meet again in April to discuss how to best leverage $100bn in funding to implement the citywide Women’s Innovation Initiative, the Women in Health Initiative, and the Women Health and Wellness Program.