More than 10,000 bags have been rolled out at Irish beaches across the country in the wake of the devastating storms that have swept across the UK and caused a mass exodus of people.

With a week to go until the beginning of the Summer, the Government has been given the go-ahead to roll out sandbags to the country’s beaches.

“The Government is aware that many people have lost loved ones and loved ones of other people, as a result of the floods in England and Wales, and so it is important that the Government can respond to the needs of people in their communities,” a spokesperson for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said.

“In particular, the response will be aimed at providing relief to those who have lost their homes or have lost everything in an evacuation.”

These are the first wave, and we will continue to roll them out throughout the week to provide relief to communities affected by the floods and the effects of the storm.

“It is hoped that sandbags will help ease some of the pressure on residents living in temporary accommodation as the seas recede, and as people get to grips with the fact that they will need to leave.”

People will be able to get out of temporary accommodation, as long as they have their own place to go,” said Defra spokesperson.”

However, if they are living in the community, it is imperative that they get out as soon as possible.

“If they do not have a place to return to, then they will be assessed and their accommodation will be taken over by the authorities.”

The Government has allocated more than €1.5 billion to help those affected by floods in the UK.

The money will be spent to provide essential assistance and to provide temporary housing, food and clothing for those affected.