Posted February 09, 2019 05:02:07 A new father is trying to get his kids to embrace birkin.

Jacquemu bagel and his son, Joshua, 6, have been using the bags to carry their little ones around for about a month now.

“They’ve been like little kids with their own little bags,” he said.

“I’m not a big fan of plastic bags.

I can’t use my own clothes in the house, and my kids are so tiny.”

Mr Bagel said the bags were the best he could find.

“We have a little baby who’s a little bit more small than we are and it helps to keep them warm when they are out in the elements,” he told the ABC.

“So for us, it’s very important for them to feel like family.”

He said the family used the bags when he was away on business trips and for when they were away.

“You never know if you might be leaving them somewhere, so we’ll make sure we don’t leave them out for too long,” he explained.

“For us, the bags have been really great for them.”

When we go for walks, we put them in our backpack, and they go off and play and they love them.”‘

I’m a big dad’: ‘My child is the biggest’It’s not just the bags that Mr Bagel loves.”

It’s also the babies and the babies are the biggest thing,” he added.”

If they’re not happy, they’ll cry.

“They’ll be a little scared, but they’ll try to come home.”

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